Catering Pasta Selections

Medium tray of Penne or Rigatoni feeds 8 – 10ppl

Pasta pomodoro $60 per tray

Pasta meat sauce $65 per tray

Pasta alla Vodka $75 per tray

Pasta Cream sauce $70 per tray

(Add 10.00 per tray for Cheese filled ravioli or tortellini)

Baked Pasta

Meat Lasagna (medium tray 9 pieces) $65.00/tray
(Add 10.00 per tray for Vegetarian lasagna)

Cheese Cannelloni (Medium Tray 12 pieces) $80.00/tray
(pasta sheet rolled and stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach in a rosé sauce)

Prepared Sauces ready to serve

(1 litre tub serves 4 -6 portions)

Tomato sauce $10.00

Meat Sauce $12.00

Cream Sauce $14.00

Vodka Sauce $16.00

Hot oil Jars $6.00/jar