Catering Appetizer Selections

Cold Relish Tray $2.00/order
(assortment of uncooked seasonal veggies and dipping sauce)

Grilled Veggie Platter $3.00/order
(platter of grilled zucchini, eggplant, and red peppers in olive oil marinade)

Antipasto D'amici Platter $5.00/order
(includes grilled veggies, prosciutto, & tomato/bocc. cheese)

Antipasto DiMare $5.00/order
(Cold seafood salad. Shrimps, squid, & Cuttlefish)

Grilled Polenta $3.00/piece
(grilled corn meal topped with oyster mushrooms, roasted red peppers & goat cheese)

Shrimp Cocktail (4/p) $5.00/order
(cold shrimp tray served with home-style cocktail sauce)

Calamari Fritti $3.00/order
(squid rings, lightly dusted with flour & deep fried to perfection)

Melanzane Involtini (2 pieces) $5.00/order
(thinly sliced eggplant, rolled with fontina cheese in a light tomato sauce)

Rice Croquets $1.50/piece
(Deep fried Rice balls stuffed with cheese)

Pasta Salad $2.00/order
(cold fusili pasta with diced veggies tossed in our house dressing)

Potato Salad $2.00/order
(cold diced Yukon potatoes in a traditional house marinade)

Bean Salad $2.00/order
(cold mixed bean salad with diced veggies in our house dressing)